#MeetTheCupids /phase 1: Our private screening

January 27, 2017



Yes, we did it!

And it felt gooood! :D



On Sunday, January 22nd 2017 we finally screened our short film to a small audience at the fabulous Shortwave Independent Cinema in London (yep, not a secret venue anymore...).


And it went great!


For me (Angelo) and Nick, this was our first chance to test the film in front of a live audience, get some feedback, and find out if Cupids is finally ready to be shared worldwide!


For the crew, cast and backers of the crowdfunding campaigns this was finally the first chance to see the result of their hard work and support!


It was awesome to see how many people were still passionate about our project and, even though the post production process has lasted such a long time, nobody had given up their support or faith in the film. Instead, as we gathered in the bar before the screening there was a sense of reunion, as well as impatiently waiting to finally see Cupids. 

It was very cool to have such a mixed crowd of filmmakers and film lovers at the screening as Cupids is just one small part of a filmmaking community made up of truly passionate, dedicated people working hard on each other’s projects as we pursue our careers together.






Film is a truly collaborative medium and even a short like Cupids cannot exist without the participation, support and talent of literally hundreds of people. For me it was sheer pleasure to stand in front of that white cinema screen and thank everyone for Cupids chance to now shine upon it.    


Pilli, our producer, made a particularly touching speech about always retaining that passionate spark of an idea or inspiration and using it to stay committed to achieving the vision you are aiming for.






And then…


The lights finally went down, phones off, and the dark room took us into that silent, expectant moment that no film lover can ever get enough of...


Ladies and gentleman,

it was time to #MeetTheCupids



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