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October 28, 2017

Hello Cupids lovers,

last week (October 16th 2017) I had the honour of being interviewed by the cool friends from Heckler Kane Production, for their Imperfect Podcast.


It has been a nice and funny chat where I could speak about our short film Cupids and give some insight about the way we shot the film. But also about myself and my journey as a filmmaker.


The podcast is available on iTunes and Youtube, but to make it easy, I simply linked the video down here. 


I hope you guys enjoy it ;) 




Interview Highlights 


Angelo’s Background

  • Angelo moved to London specifically to learn how to read and write English to gain an international audience.

  • He was writing scripts before making films until he opened his own production company.

  • After 10 years of stand-up comedy, filmmaking has always been the end goal of his artistic dreams.

  • Angelo’s idols include comedic filmmakers Mel Brooks and Woody Allen.

Producing Cupids The Short Film

  • Angelo contacted writer Nick Grills after originally hearing the idea 3 years prior at a script writing meeting.

  • The script was still available and they adapted the script to Angelo’s point of view and went from there

  • “I respect so much the work of a writer and I didn’t want to make big changes.”

Directing Cupids – The Challenge

  • The story was written as a very static scene.

  • The dialogue rotates around the table with 4 characters that speak a lot.

  • Most of the comedy comes from the dialogue and the problem was how to make it visually interesting.

  • Angelo studied the genre of the film including comedy and fantasy.

  • Using cinematography and sound, Angelo created two worlds in the same place.

  • Jumping between the two worlds is what makes the scene dynamic.

Look for Cupids at the Gold Coast Film Festival November 11th at 4:30pm EST


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