#MeetTheCupids: Our short film hits the road!

December 6, 2016


Hello there Cupids lovers! 


As you might have gotten from the title, today's post is a very special one... After almost two years in the making of our short film we are very excited to invite you all to join us in our mission to break social barriers and be open to the people around you!


And we would like to do this by inviting you to finally...




Yes. It's true! 


We have put in place a distribution plan to give you all the chance to soon watch our film! Whether you have followed us from the beginning of our journey or not.

And all that without compromising (too much) our chances to play our premiere card at film festivals and keep a little bit of exclusive appeal to the live screenings!


But let us go in order...


In our latest blog post we addressed the biggest challenge that filmmakers face when, after finishing their film,  of how to reach the widest possible audience, online and offline, by using the momentum that the film festival run creates, as well as the advantages of an online distribution at the same time.

And doing all that without losing any appeal and exclusiveness in the eyes of the film festival programmers.


So let us illustrate you on our SIX distribution options and give you all the info you need to know on where and when you can watch our film:


1 - #MeetTheCupids

in our Private Screening in London


Sorry folks, but this first option is not exactly for everybody, this is addressed to our Cast, Crew and crowdfunding campaign backers.

We are going to make a free private screening, by invitation only, in a secret and super cool location in London on Sunday the 22nd of January 2017


If you have contributed to the making of this film, whether by offering us your talent, skills or your generous contribution, you will receive in the next few weeks your very own invitation to the screening.

So keep an eye on your email and make sure to confirm your attendance, as it will be  first come, first served.


We have also reserved a few places for industry professionals and film writers/bloggers. So, if you're one of them and would like to join our exclusive screening make sure to register your interest at screenigs@cupidsthemovie.com


The screening will be followed by a long awaited wrap party. 

Another good reason to not miss the event ;)


2 - #MeetTheCupids

on Valentine's Day!


And here we finally get into the first real chance you all have to watch our film! 

And what better day than Valentine’s for a film about cupids?


On Valentine's Day, February the 14th 2017, FOR ONE DAY ONLY, our short film will be available as an online preview on our website through an embedded Video On Demand player!


Again, the service will be available for one day only, but it will be back once the short film has had its Premiere at the first film festival to screen our film!


The online screening of our film won't be for free though, as we might lose our Premiere status, but the fee will be very low and symbolic, to give you all the chance to enjoy the story!

Also, we won't put a penny in our pockets as we will reinvest everything to cover festival fees.


So, the more people who watch it, the more festivals we can apply for!

Does this sound like a good reason to support us even more and spread the word between your friends? We’re sure we can count on you ;)


Obviously this rule doesn't apply to our crowdfunding campaign backers, as all the people who couldn't attend our private screening on January the 22nd, will be sent their password protected free online screener to watch the film.


Yes, we like to take care of our fans...


(Did I mention that the screening will include also an exclusive secret video? No?

Well, maybe because it's a secret... but also another good reason to tune in on Valentine's day...)


3 - #MeetTheCupids 

on Film Festivals


Obviously we hope that our short film will be accepted into as many film festivals as possible, as that would be the most powerful way to spread our message.


So let's keep fingers crossed and eyes on our blog or subscribe to our newsletter , we'll make sure to keep you informed of any live screening happening soon.



4 - #MeetTheCupids

on SurgeTV


Another cool way to watch our film is going to be through our first distribution partner, a Subscription VOD service called Surge TV



Surge TV is a commercial free streaming network that operates as an entertainment & media cooperative. The intention of the network is to support the indie community, creative content, diversity in the film and television community and offer a unique viewing experience, and we are honoured to have been asked to be part of their content creators team.


Our film will be available on their platform after the film's Festival Premiere (keep an eye on our blog for the launch date) and will last until the end of the festival run.As before, every penny coming from the platform will be reinvested to finance our festival run, or the development of the Cupids project (and, consequently, the spreading of our message)


[Also, we will be happy to consider any other non-exclusive distribution deal. If you want to contact us on this topic, please get in touch at info@cupidsthemovie.com]


5 - #MeetTheCupids

on DVD

Did we already say we love our supporters? Especially those who helped us make this project happen?

Well folks, we didn't forget about your perks!


After February 15th 2017 we will send out all the DVDs you have purchased, together with all the other fabulous perks you have earned through your contribution (with the only exception of the digital download of the film, as we will send that at the end of the film's festival run).


The DVD will contain not only a copy of the film, but also the Secret Video, Behind The Scenes and all the extra content from our two crowdfunding campaigns.


And for all the people that still want to support us in our mission of spreading the cupids' message to the world, the DVD will be also on sale on our website until the end of the film's festival run!

Again, not a penny will get into our pockets, as we will reinvest any income to cover the submission fees of the film festivals we apply for.


6 - #MeetTheCupids



Aaaaand....at the end of our festival run our film will finally be made available online for free!​


So again, keep an eye on the blog or subscribe to our newsletter to be constantly updated about all the news and the launch date of our official online premiere!





And that's all for today!

We hope you enjoyed our plan to spread our message to the world and we hope you are going to keep supporting us to make this happen.


As always, please let us know your opinion by leaving a comment below or by getting in touch on our Twitter account and Facebook page.



Until the next news,

Angelo and the Cupids team







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