Sound, Sound, Sound!

October 6, 2016


Today’s topic is all about the importance of sound in our short film.


In the last few weeks I found myself working on the sound design of our short film and I have to admit, it’s the first time I’ve been so deep into the sound design of any film project. In my previous film and video work I either had somebody else working on it, or the sound work was so little that I could easily do it myself.


Well, not this time. Our little film has a very peculiar use of sound, so peculiar that to be able to explain my vision properly, I had to “get my hands dirty” and come back into the editing room.


I have to say that this was a very good thing and also a huge comedy lesson for me.

A few days ago I sent a tweet saying “never underestimate the sound of your film, half of the entertainment comes from it!”.

No tweet was ever more accurate.


Sound is not only a filmmaking tool to deliver your idea, it’s actually very important to properly make entertainment. And if you allow yourself to break the clichés, you can find some pretty creative and out of the box ways to tell a story.


Why do I say so? Because after a few weeks of experimenting, draft after draft, with the music and the sound of our film, I noticed that I was not only trying to enhance the jokes and funny moments in the script, but unconsciously creating new ones.

And that was such a great feeling!


Now, before ending this long blog post, I’d also like to share my little secret with you; in these sound designing days I tried to take inspiration from a great director I love, who has a real mastery of all the storytelling tools he can put his creativity into: Edgar Wright.


So here is a wonderful video essay from the guys of “Every Frame a Painting” about his comedy style and his use of those filmmaking tools, including sound.


I hope you guys enjoy it and see you next blog!





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